Thursday, January 31, 2008

By Dewey! The 200s

The 200s are not the largest section nor the most often visited at St. Dunstan's, but for the inquiring reader who wants to learn more about the faith, it contains are some gems. Today the good saint features three titles. Jack Miles' God: a Biography is a fresh approach to looking at the God of the Hebrew scriptures.

From the back cover: "Miles shows us a God who evolves through his relationship with man, the image who in time becomes his rival..., the Creator who nearly destroys his chief creation."

For a quicker read, the saint suggests two volumes in the Penguin Lives series Garry Wills' Saint Augustine and Martin Marty's Martin Luther. The books in this series are meant not as scholarly tomes but as short, well-written introduction to famous historical figures, written by top scholars and writers.

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